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  • Heart, 0.99 Carat, Fancy Light Green, SI2. DahanCollection.Com
  • Heart, 0.99 Carat, Fancy Light Green, SI2. Gia Diamond's Grading Report.

GIA Heart 0.99ct. Fancy Light Green SI2. Natural Loose Colour Diamond



Fancy Light Green
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Product Details

Diamond's Specifications:

Shape & Cutting Style: Heart Modified Brilliant.

Measurements: 5.56x6.26x3.67 mm.

Carat Weight: 0.99 Carat.

Color Grade: Fancy Light Green.

Color Origin: Natural.

Color Distribution: Even.

Clarity Grade: SI2.

Polish: Good.

Symmetry: Good.

Fluorescence: Medium Blue.

Clarity Characteristics: Feather, Twinning Wisps, Cavity,Etch Channel, Indented Natural, Extra Facet. 

Comments: Additional twinning wisps, manufacturing remnants, surface graining and patches of color are not shown.